15th June new CC winner

15th June new CC winners, puppies, bitches updated

29th January puppies page updated

23rd November puppies page updated, some new champions

25th August puppies page updated, 3 new champions

4th May puppies page updated, few new champions and CC winners

7th October puppies page updated

4th August puppies page updated
new CC winner Puksipuun Poppaloora
26th May puppies page updated,
new CC winner Puksipuun Made for Zodias in Sweden
3rd May puppies page updated
25th February many updates done... Bitches, champions, puppies....
13th December 2 new winners last weekend. In Sweden
Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Virkku was BOB + SW-06
In Finland Lecibsin Duetto was BOS + FinW-06
12th November great news from Poland, our Lapponian Herder
Lecibsin Duetto was BOB in world winner show.
"Outas" new titles are World Winner -06,
Polish winner -06 and Polish Champion.
Million thanks to Pinja and Sari for taking this lovely lady to Poland.
8th October Puppies page updated
30th August puppies page updated, new CC winner
Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Hoppatossu

24th August new CC winner Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Alli

11th August 2 new CC winners, Pembrokes Puksipuun Latte
and Welcop's Joker. Puppies page updated

9th July new CC winner Pembroke Puksipuun Metsäkastikka

2nd July new CC winner Pembroke Puksipuun Neiti Kaihomieli

25th June 2 new champions Lapponian Herders Hukkaperä Luna
and Hukkaperä Viivi, puppies page updated

Ist June new champion, Pembroke Puksipuun Polar Beauty

18th May little of everything, puppies, imports & exports, champions

3rd January puppies page updated

21st November puppies page updated

14th October Lapponian Herder puppies born

14th September new champion Puksipuun Samba Sangria

1st September puppies page updated

7th August Pembroke Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic made
a real bomb by winning group in Joensuu international dog show!!!

19th July new champion, Hukkaperä Lemminkäinen.
Also few new CC winners in Lapponian Herders

4th July many new photos, puppy pland for autumn and winter
In Piteå int show Hukkaperä Virkku was BOB,
Lecibsin Duetto BOS, Puksipuun Bobbys Boogie was BOS
and earlier this summer Puksipuun Dulciner was 2nd in GROUP in all breed show

11th June some updates to champion page

25th April new champion Hukkaperä Valon Valtiatar
Lecibsin Duetto had 2 wonderful show weekends.
4th in group, 2x BIS2-veteran, once BIS4-veteran

11th April 2 new CC winners, Lapponian Herders Hukkaperä Kaustinen and
Hukkaperä Väinämöinen

7th April puppies page updated

30th January puppies page updated

25th January puppies page updated

13th Janyary puppies page updated. New export pembroke to Sweden.

4th January puppies page updated. Showresults from end of 2004 and expot information coming...

30th October week ago in Norway Pembroke Puksipuun Dulciner
got last CACIB toward his INT CH title.
Also Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic got CC from Norway.
And Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Virkku was BOB+CC+CACIB+ N CH
2 weeks ago in Lapponian Herders club show
Hukkaperä Virkku was 4th best male,
Hukkaperä Alli BOB + BIS2 puppy and
Hukkaperä Ukkos-Urho breed "master" in obedience.

7th October again we can celebrate new CC winner!!!
Pembroke Puksipuun Samba Sangria got her
first CC + CACIB in Oulu international show

16th September puppies page updated

28th August Cocker spaniel Peppi passed her working test
with first try, in only 10 months of age!!

16th August 2 new CC winners this weekend.
Pemberoke Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic and Lapponian Herder
Hukkaperä Ukkos-Urho both got their first CC's,
Pembroke Puksipuun Swing This Way got his 2nd CC.
In Kajaani show Puksipuun Dulciner was BOB,
Puksipuun Swing This Way was 2nd best male,
Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic was BOS and
Moneypenny Lira was 2nd best bitch + BOB veteran.
Our breeding group was BOB + BIS2!
Lapponian Herder Lecibsin Duetto was 2nd best bitch,
BOB veteran + BIS3-veteran!

9th August in Welsh Corgi Speciality cardigan
Puksipuun Africa Tribal was BEST OF BREED!!!!
In Pembroke show Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic got
res-cc and our breeding group was 3rd with
honour price (totally 5 groups were shown),
during weekend our breeding group was 2 times BOB.
In Lapponian Herders Hukkaperä breeding group was
2 times BOB. Hukkaperä Virkku and Hukkaperä Taika were BOBs
and Hukkaperä Hallaprinsessa and Hukkaperä Pakkasukko both got
CC's to finish their Finnish championships.
Lecibsin Duetto was BOB veteran in sunday.
Some time ago we got new CC winner too,
Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Lemminkäinen.
And Even Hukkaperä Kaamosruhtinas has won few BOBs during last weeks.

7th July photo to Pembroke Puksipuun Candlelong Song,
new Pembrokes added, Puksipuun Swingin'Safari and Puksipuun Bubble Bobble

21th June puppies page updated
we welcome little Brittany to our home.
Thank you Kathleen for loaning this sweet little girl to us!! (fin/eng)

20th June in Rovaniemi INT show Pembroke Puksipuun Dulciner was BOS
getting his 3rd CACIB. Old Moneypenny Lira was 2nd best bitch
and Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic was 4th getting Res CC
Next day Cocker Spaniel Benchmark Principle Girl was BOB puppy

14th June new photo to Cocker Spaniel Benchmark Principle Girl

13th June Last weekend we got 2 new CC winners!
Pembrokes Puksipuun Kuutamofoxi and Puksipuun Polar Beauty.
Heared also great news from Estonia,
Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Louhi was BOB + BIS5in a show in Russia,
getting also CC of course.

25th May new photos to pembrokes Puksipuun Dulciner,
Puksipuun Samba Sangria
and Puksipuun Swing this Way

16th May new champion Hukkaperä Kaamosruhtinas.
Actually he had won 2xCC in 2003,
so dogs bred/owned by us won total 31 CCs in 2003,
not 29 like I wrote earlier.

15th May in Sotkamo dog show Hukkaperä Valon Valtiatar
was BOB getting her 2nd CC.
Lecibsin Duetto was 2nd best bitch, BOB-veteran and BIS1-veteran

9th May puppies page updated

5th May again new photos to Pembroke Puksipuun Bobbys Boogie

2nd May new photo to Pembroke Puksipuun Bobbys Boogie

25th April again new CC winner, Lapponian Herder
Hukkaperä Valon Valtiatar
Results from Polvijärvi show:
Hukkaperä Taika BOB
Hukkaperä Valon Valtiatar 2nd best bitch, CC
Hukkaperä Hallaprinsessa EXC
Hukkaperä Varjo BOS
Hukkaperä Virkku 3rd best dog
Hukkaperä breeder group BEST IN SHOW!!

24th April new CC winner, Pembroke Puksipuun Swing This Way
Results from Polvijärvi show:
Puksipuun Swing This Way BOB, CC
Puksipuun Dulciner 2nd best dog
Puksipuun Polar Beauty 2nd best bitch, Res-CC
Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic 3rd best bitch
Puksipuun breeder group BIS-2

23rd April 2 new CC winners: Lapponian Herders
Hukkaperä Kaamosruhtinas and Hukkaperä Kaino
Puppies page updated

6th April, new photo to Puksipuun Samba Sangria, new page to
Puksipuun Samba täysikuu, new export, Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Viivi

28th March Hukkaperä Pakkasukko got his last CC in his homecountry Estonia

10th March big congratulations to Lapponian Herders
Hukkaperä Lumous and Hukkaperä Lemminkäinen
for passed reindeer herding test!!

29th February new photo to Pembroke Puksipuun Sweet Dreams

25th February puppies page updated

20th February new photo to Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Pakkasukko

16th February Cockerspaniel Peppi got new photo

15th February new photo of Pembroke Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic

8th February new photos to Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä
Hallaprinsessa and Pembroke Puksipuun Dulciner

3rd February Jessis puppies are born!!

26th January puppies page updated

10th January Again we can be proud of new CC winner.
In Kajaani all breed show Pembroke Puksipuun Sweet Dreams got her first CC.
Puksipuun Dulciner was BOB and Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Virkku BOS.
Pembroke Puksipuun Samba Sangria was 4th best bitch
and our Pembroke breeders group was BOB.

2003 was really something special for dogs owned or bred by us
29 CCs won!!! (*actually 31*)

Lapponian Herders:
Hukkaperä Virkku won 3xCC -> Fin Ch + he won dogs in Special Clubshow
Hukkaperä Pakkasukko won 4xCC in his homecountry, getting titles Est JCh EstJW-03 BaltJW-03
Hukkaperä Hallaprinsessa won 2xCC
Hukkaperä Louhi won 3xCC in her homecountry earning titles Est JCh BaltJW-03
Hukkaperä Tornado-Tanja won last CC in her homecountry becoming S Ch +
she got CC from Norweigian Winner show becoming N Ch NW-03
*+2 CCs to Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Kaamosruhtinas*

Puksipuun Dulciner won 5xCC from 3 countries in 4 months time! -> Fin & S & N Ch
Puksipuun Wigglytuff won 1xCC
Annline's Quality'n Style won his last CC becoming Fin & S Ch
Castell Evil Intentions won CC from Finland and Sweden -> Fin & S Ch
Castell Walk This Way won 2xCC becoming Fin & S Ch
Welcop's Valentine Jessie won 2xCC
and old mama Moneypenny Lira won CC from Sweden and Norway -> Fin & S & N Ch

+ Cardigan Puksipuun Aztek Trilogy became American Champion,
and that is really not the "easiest" title to get.

Thank you to all who took our breeding to shows, no matter if they won or not.

25th December puppies page updated

16th December new photos to Pembrokes Puksipuun Swing This Way
and Puksipuun Sweet Dreams

8th December puppies page updated
Little Peppi got her own pages

27th November puppies page updated

26th November Cardigan Puksipuun Aztek Trilogy got her
last point and became American Champion!
Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Tornado Tanja became
Norweigian champion and Norweigian winner-03

22nd November puppies page updated
New Champion, Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Virkku
also Lapponian Hukkaperä Louhi got 3rd junior CC
in her homecountry and is now Estonian Junior Champion

26th October 25th CC for this year
Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Virkku was
BOS in special clubshow!. His litter brother
Hukkaperä Varjo got his International champion title.

22nd October puppies page updated

27th September puppies page updated

17th September new photo to our spaniel "Mari"

1st September new photo to Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Pakkasukko

24th August Lapponian Hukkaperä Louhi got her 2nd CC,
she and Hukkaperä Pakkasukko both became Baltic Junior Winners -03

14th August again new CC winner, Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Louhi

11th August new photos to Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Pyry-Petteri

26th July new photos to Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Lumous,
Pembrokes Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic, Puksipuun Wigglytuff and Puksipuun Samba Mambo.
In Estonia Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Pakkasukko got
3rd CC and he is now Estonian Junior champion.

19th July Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Taika got confirmation of her Int Ch title!

13th July what a great news we heared, Puksipuun Wigglytuff had won her first CC.

9th July we welcome little "Mari" (FIN / ENG) to join our life.

6th July In Piteå international show Puksipuun Dulciner was BOB + CACIB,
Castell Walk This Way was BOS getting her last CC and becoming Fin & S Champion.

Now we think to have a little break from dog show-world,
year 2003 has been truly wonderfull to dogs bred or owned by us.
20 CCs won so far!!! + Cardigan Puksipuun Aztek Trilogy is only
2 points away from her American championship!

30th June in Gällivare international dog show Niisku (Moneypenny Lira)
was BOB and became champion. Our American loan boy "Satan"
was BOS and became also Swedish champion.

28th June 2 new champions! Pembroke "Nero" (Puksipuun Dulciner)
got his last CC and became Finnish, Swedish and Norweigian champion!
In Sweden Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Tornado Tanja got also her last CC
and is now Swedish Champion.

23rd June Jessie (Welcop's Valentine Jessie) was BOS in Rovaniemi
and got her 2nd CC, new photos of Caro (Puksipuun Sweet Dreams)
and Elmo (Puksipuun Swing This Way)

14th June puppies page updated, Hukkaperä Pakkasukko
got his 2nd CC in his homecountry Estonia and is now EstJW-03

4th June new pembroke Puksipuun Samba Sangria

29th May photos of Hukkaperä Virkku

25th May Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Hallaprinsessa BOB + 2nd CC

19th May new CC winner Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Virkku
new young Pembroke added Puksipuun Sweet Dreams.

16th May new young Pembrokes added. Puksipuun Swing This Way,
Puksipuun Sweet Soulmusic and Puksipuun Samba Mambo.

12th May Pembrokes Puksipuun Dulciner and
Castell Walk This Way got CC's from Sweden

7th May Cardigan Puksipuun Africa Tribal finally got her
Int Ch confirmation from FCI. Thank you Pirjo for showing her.

4th May New Lapponian Herder export

27th April puppy photos

21th April Pembroke Puksipuun Dulciner got his 2nd CC from Finland.

13th April puppies page updated

7th April this weekend we went to Norway. Old Niisku was 2nd best bitch
getting CC and now she is Norweigian champion. Se was also BOB veteran.
Sakus son "Nero" (Puksipuun Dulciner) was BOS getting CC and CACIB.

29th March Saku (Annline's Quality'n Style) got his last CC
and became Finnish and Swedish champion.
In same show old Niisku (Moneypenny Lira) was 3rd BIS veteran.

25th March new photos of Cardigan Puksipuun Aztek Trilogy
and Pembroke Puksipuun Dulciner

23th March What a day! 3 new CC winners,
Pembrokes Puksipuun Dulciner and Welcop's Valentine Jessie
Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Pakkasukko

11th March puppies page updated

28th February puppies page updated

5th February puppies page updated, some new puppy photos.

2nd February new CC winner, Lapponian Herder Hukkaperä Hallaprinsessa

29th January puppies page updated

12th January puppies page updated

10th January new photo of Pembroke Welcop's Valentine Jessie